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Ehfaaz derived from the Arabic Word “Hafez” (to protect) is founded with the sole purpose of creating & simplifying recycling solutions within the UAE to protect & recover our resources. It is a high tech recycling center focused on organic waste transformation to compost.

With over 50% of a person’s waste is food-related and will usually end up in a landfill. Our goal is to establish a recycling center from where we can produce compost from waste material instead of dumping it in overflowing landfills.

Recycle With Us!
Even your uneaten food can have a second chance

Our Services!


At Ehfaaz, we convert major organic waste coming from F&B manufactures, outlets & logistics companies into premium grade organic fertilizer in 24 hours!…

Secure Product Destruction

Your comfort and security is as important to us as it is to you

Key to protecting your brand image!…


Creative Reuse, this process allows individuals and companies to transform used or unwanted waste materials into new materials for better environmental value…

Giving Back

Do you have unused body lotion, oral care, or shampoo? IDP Camps in war zones are in desperate need of such essentials that we tend to take for granted…

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide UAE markets with viable economical, innovative, and sustainable alternatives to divert waste materials from landfill or incineration and to continuously provide top quality recycled materials to consumers and permeate the positive feeling of using recycled materials.


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