About Us – EHFAAZ

About Us

Ehfaaz derived from Arabic Word “Hafez" (to protect) is founded with the sole purpose of creating & simplifying recycling solutions within UAE to protect & recover our resources. It is a high tech recycling center focused on organic waste transformation to compost.

With over 50% of a person's waste is food-related and will usually end up in a landfill. Our goal is to establish a recycling centre from where we can produce compost from waste material instead of dumping it in overflowing landfills.

Our mission is to provide UAE markets with viable economical, innovative and sustainable alternatives to divert waste materials from landfill or incineration and to continuously provide top quality recycled materials to consumers and permeate the positive feeling of using recycled materials.


What are our Values?


We look to give you endless Wow! moments.


We aim for Mars and reach for the stars.


Our favorite phrase is "Win/Win"


We are One Big Family.


We have our GPS coordiantes set and we won't stop until we reach our destination.


We believe there are 1000 WAYS to make a shawarma.


We strive to help you adhere to industry regulations so you can reduce those pesky fines.


Tailor-made-solutions allow businesses and organizations to focus on their core activities without having to allocate resources to manage their waste.

Ehfaaz offers solutions from collection team that brings the materials to our facility to supply of equipment that gets the job done on-site.

Industrial services help clients by cutting their costs on storage and production downtime while mitigating the risk to their businesses.

Giving Back we see waste differently and we collaborate with many organizations that could use the waste as a secondary resource or take it as charity proceeds.

Locally Processed materials are proudly processed in our high tech centre situated in the prestigious Dubai Science Park territory.