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Even your uneaten food can have a second chance

At Ehfaaz, we convert major organic waste coming from F&B manufactures, outlets & logistics companies into premium grade organic fertilizer in 24 hours!

The technology behind the system is based on the Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System and works with various enzymes.

What all this elaborate scientific terminology really means is that we turn your food waste into fresh compost in just 1 day!


Your comfort and security is as important to us as it is to you

Key to protecting brand image

Ehfaaz ensures manufacturers, distribution/trading companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, and logistics facilities can rest confidently when it comes to securing their brand reputation via our product destruction service.

With our high tech shredding equipment, we ensure materials are securely disposed of and do not end up in the second-hand market, hence minimizing the amount going to landfill.


  • Expired inventory.
  • Counterfeit and seized materials.
  • Recalled or out of stock inventory.
  • Inferior and damaged inventory.


  • Witness by the company representative.
  • Destruction completion certificate (Photos & Videos) issued.
  • CCTV surveillance systems in place.
  • Centre located strategically in heart of Dubai.


Unlock Your Creativity

Also known as Creative Reuse, this process allows individuals and companies to transform used, unused, or unwanted waste materials into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

We work with many service providers and creative minds to bring up-cycling solutions to various forms of waste.

From designing a painting out of plastic bottles to making casual shoes from chip bags, we offer a platform for every artistic innovator out there.

Upcycled products are often found in major retail and online stores. Keep an eye on our blog or reach out to us for further information on what's available in the market.



At Ehfaaz we work with many charitable organizations locally and internationally that welcome your materials for a better cause.

Are you a supermarket chain with obsolete inventory like canned foods? Local orphanages would greatly welcome that.

Do you have unused body lotion, oral care, or shampoo? IDP Camps in war zones are in desperate need of such essentials that we tend to take for granted.

Please contact us for further assessment of materials in hand and see how we can best change someone’s life for the better.