If you want to reduce your negative impact on our ecosystem, it is very important to learn sustainable waste management practices and follow the right steps for waste disposal.

  1. Reduce Waste

Think before you use any single-use, disposable item. Replace those items with reusable items so that you can reduce the waste.


  1. Reuse waste

Instead of throwing away your unwanted or waste item, you can repurpose, up-cycle your waste.


  1. Donate unwanted items

Now most of the time, people throw away items that are still functioning well or in good condition just because they want to buy new ones or they no longer need them. So remember one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and donate those items in good condition to charities around the UAE, who help the unprivileged people around the world.


  1. Compost

This one of the very important steps. Compost all your organic waste instead of throwing it.


  1. Recycling

Now when we are talking about recycling, it’s very important to segregate waste and follow the right procedures while recycling. Otherwise, most of your recyclables don’t get recycled. So when you are recycling, do it correctly. Now once you know what you can recycle and what you can’t; you need to know where to recycle in UAE and we would be glad to support you as our client.


Streams we handle include:

  1. Equipment & Tools (auto spare parts, IT equipment, hand tools, etc.)
  2. Consumer Goods (cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants, aerosol cans, etc.)
  3. Food and Beverages ( dry, frozen, chilled etc.)
  4. Packaging and Universal Waste (cardboard, pallets, plastic, etc.)


Call to Action:

Ehfaaz is a high tech recycling facility located in Dubai Science Park. We leverage automation across all our business lines to give used/expired resources a new life.

Our Company Focuses on finding a permanent and compliant solution for their clients’ expired/damaged Inventories, our service is a recycling solution that helps them lower costs through warehouse space optimization while still protecting the image of their brands. Unlike the options of re-exporting the items to the country of origin as per customs regulations, or dumping in landfills which is harmful to the environment, costly, and no longer possible, our solution is cost & time-saving, as well as fully supported by the authorities. We process and convert the items into new materials e.g. food waste to compost, or cosmetics to cleaning supplies, etc.

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